Friday, November 15, 2013

Ease your storm.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. - Winston Churchill

I meant to start this blog as soon as I got back from my mission in New England, but, as always, things got away from me.
There are several ideas behind this blog.  1) To just start over.  I have had my old blog since I was 16 I believe, but coming back from my mission I felt like I needed a clean place to write.  2) The title of the blog "Today I was brave" comes with the idea that everyday we all do brave things.  However, in the simplicity of some of these actions we forget that these everyday actions take bravery, so it's a way to remind myself, and maybe you, of the courage we all have.  Not to mention to keep/brush up on my writing skills.

So lets play catch up shall we?

Brave actions of October:
October 10th:   I said goodbye to most of my mission family.
October 11th:  I got on the plane that would take me from all that I knew for 18 months and back to where I grew up.  I also took of the name tag that defined me for those 18 months.
October 13th:  I gave a sermon to my local congregation about my time in New England.  No notes, nothing truly thought out.  Just a few experience I wanted to share and scriptures.  A huge change from when I left and everything was written out.
October 16th:  I wore pants and a casual t-shirt for the first time since being back.
October 17th:  Started truly looking for a seasonal job
I even found one, started working, and then quit because of conflict of interests.  I start another one next week.

Those are the most specific acts I can think of.  More to come as life goes on!


  1. Today I was Brave...what a good reminder. When I feel like I'm failing I'll remind myself of one brave act, even if it's a little one.

    Welcome home!
    You going to put a 'follow' button up so we can see when you post?
    Aunt Lynn

  2. Thanks for the reminder! It's done and done.

    Love ya!

  3. i love this idea and i love this blog and i love you.
    excited for the adventures you've had and those you will continue to have.