Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tick, tick, BOOM

All I can do is be me, whoever that is. - Bob Dylan
I always feel so bad when I have these long breaks between posts.  I mostly have the intention each week to write a post.... and then life hits and I get lazy.

I'll be brief of how I've been brave the past couple of months:

1: I'm back at university.  It's my last semester if I do everything right, aka NOT fail my classes.  It's been kinda intimidating, what with trying to figure out what I actually want to do with my life.  Finding an internship has been interesting, mostly because I keep putting off applying.  NOT healthy when you are trying to find jobs.  But I did apply tonight to two that I think would be awesome.  Now just a bajillion more to make sure I can get one.

2: I'm going on more dates.  I had the goal of going on 23 before my 24th birthday, and I think I've actually reached that.  I think that's more dates than I've ever gone on before, even with a steady boyfriend.  But let me tell you, when it rains it pours.  In one week I gave my phone number to 5 guys.  3 of them were other returned missionaries from my mission but hey!  It was one week and that's probably more than I've ever given it out to the opposite gender.  Can you tell my life wasn't exactly exciting before the mission?

3: I started painting again.  Nothing fancy, in fact I laugh every time I see them.  My roommate wanted one of the 2 I painted one night.  It's poorly painted tulips, it doesn't even look like acrylic.  More like chalk pastels.  But she loves it.  I guess it really is all about perspective.

4: Did I mention I'm in school again?  With big scary projects and grades and people I have to work with on group projects?  3/4 classes are final level classes, apparent by me ending my university career, so there are some pretty challenging things.  Like my Program Management class, I actually have to put on a program.  Not to scary right?  Wrong.  My group, yes me passing this class depends on 3 other people too, had a hard time committing to an idea.  Well we had one, then it got changed, and changed and changed.  Then we took waaaaay to long to get in contact with the school so we couldn't do our idea.  Now it's just going to be Zumba in the Park.  Which we probably should have just done in the first place instead of going with my half baked idea of a zombies game.  I DID try to get them to go with something else!  I said TED talks, or art something, and something else.  But of course the kid that is slightly strange was sitting next to me and latched onto the idea and forced two other people into our group.  Eh, whatever.  As long as I can get a c+ in that class.  Cs get degrees people!

Anyway, that's a quick update.  I'll try to be better about this whole thing.  I was doing so well while in New England. haha.